Off The Grid Outdoors Presents The First Ever

Date TBA

Avalanche Run Backcountry Riding Game

8am - 5pm

Northern Bighorn Mountains

Event Details

Date TBA

Avalanche Run Backcountry Riding Game

Wanna win some money and test your backcountry skills? 

The best part is you don't have to interrupt your riding! 

You can play all day while you ride! 

All you need is a GPS, an Avalanche beacon and some riding skills.

8am - 5pm

Northern Bighorn Mountains


Receive GPS Coordinates


Starting at 8 am, Stop at Arrowhead Lodge and receive your GPS Locations.

Use you Phone or GPS to locate Avy Caches

learn to use gps

You can use whatever GPS device you feel comfortable with. You will receive a list of coordinates for each cache. 

Go Ride All Day!

exploring the backcountry in the bighorn mountains on a snowmobile

You have all day to get as many cache's as you like!

Use Your Avalanche Beacon


Use your GPS to get close, then use your Avalanche Beacon to find the actual cache.

Remove a Ticket from the Cache


Remove 1 ticket from the Avy Cache and go find another cache!

Meet at Arrowhead Lodge


The drawing will start at 5 pm at Arrowhead Lodge for

Cash and Door Prizes!

2 Difficulty Categories

Difficult to Reach

Luke Sander Snowmobiling hiding caches for avalanche run game

6 of the 10 locations will be difficult to reach. These tickets will be worth double in the drawing! Do you have what it takes?

Easy to Reach

Everyone can snowmobile in the Bighorn Mountains

4 of the 10 tickets will be in areas accessible to most. All caches will be off trail and require some level of off trail ability to reach. 

Ride and Win! Only $20 to play!

win prizes with off the grid outdoors avalanche run game

60% of the pot will be given out to the 1st and 2nd tickets drawn! 

Door prizes will then be randomly drawn for till they are gone

Support Snowmobiling!

bighorn mountains

A  portion of the proceeds will be donated to help support snowmobiling in the Bighorn National Forest!